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HTML Guidelines
Table of Contents Generation


Documentation about JSSP is provided as a set of HTML pages.

HTML Guidelines

Use of HTML formatting tags such as <b> or <i> is discouraged. Please use the styles from styles.css to format text. If necessary, add more styles.

Headings should be accurately nested. Don't leave out intermediate levels (such as <h2>...<h4>). Do not invert the logical heading sequence. The heading tag <h1> is reserved for the page title.

Heading tags must open and close on the same line to allow Table of Contents generation. Whitespace may be there.

Colors should not be too fancy. Make sure that contrast is high enough, even when the page is printed on a black and white printer.

Table of Contents Generation

The documentation source files have the file extension .htm. The TCL script gen_toc.tcl processes *.htm files from the current directory and its subdirectories to generate a "Table of Contents" section for each page. The output file gets the extension .html. Only .html files must be included in distribution packages. Make sure that the links on the pages point to the .html files, not the .htm files.

The Table of Contents section is inserted after the following code tag, which must be present on a separate line:

<!-- toc -->

Only headings after <!-- toc --> are included into the Table of Contents.

The TCL file can be started from the command line in the docs/html folder:

>tclsh gen_toc.tcl


Document version: 0.1, 2007-03-31. Author: Leo Meyer leo_meyer@users.sourceforge.net

This file is a part of the JSSP project documentation at http://jssp.sourceforge.net.

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